The New FCC Rules You Need To Comply With For 2015. One Being That Officers Of Companies May Be Held Personally Responsible For Actions Of Their Corporation Online. Plus New Rules For Continuity Offers, Membership Sites And More…

As you know, it is getting tougher and tougher to keep up with things that we have to do to keep the Government out of our business both literally and figuratively.

Plus, there are new rules that may be adopted by the FTC that are nothing short of changing the Internet forever. And unfortunately more than likely not for the better.

“I had not planned on releasing anyone other than my clients”


I just did an interview for the book – Get As Many Customers As You Can Handle – The Continual Customer Method.  I had not planned on releasing any of this yet to the Public other than my clients.  But based on what is now going on at the FTC, I wanted to help as many people out as I could.   I cannot stress this enough, this is big and it will impact everyone doing business on the Internet that has any US customers.

While the intent is for public safety and greater good, there still has never been a time with so many new rules and regulations coming out of government offices in the history of man. It is a full-time job just to keep from stepping on one regulatory land-mine or another even with the best intentions. And unfortunately, there are usually no friendly warnings, if you do make a mistake, the first notice often times is a being served and before you know it you have to call your attorney and all too often the nightmare begins.

“Virtually All Membership Software Out There With One Notable Exception May Be Helping Lead You To An FTC Violation Under The New Rules For 2015”

Here are just some of the new regulations that we are going to discuss:

1. The rule that allows the FCC to freeze all of a companies and it’s officers assets. There are test cases where this has been done to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, but this has not really been picked up by the media.

2. New rules for any automated billing including Membership Sites, Continuity Programs, and SaaS that if you don’t follow can put you out of business in a hurry. And why most of the Membership site software out there “used as is” can get you in big trouble in a hurry as of 2015.  There is only one piece of Membership Software that we know of helps you with compliance!  Nearly every single one out there (including the biggest ones) could be helping you get nailed by the FTC.

3. New guidelines for running online ads that are easy to comply with but at the same time you may be violating them already.

4. Why your web disclosures on your website by themselves are no longer enough and why you may be setting yourself up getting nailed by the FCC.

Ok, perhaps that is not a happy thought, but that is the world we live in as of 2015. As business people, we have to look at things as they are. Profits do not come about just by wishing them into existence.

But all hope is not lost. The following is an interview with Chip Cooper Esg that goes over many of the new federal and state laws and regulations that have been recently implemented and most businesses are not aware of at all.

If you have a website, you need to know about them. I pride myself on keeping up with these things, but I have to tell you that even I was shocked.

“The FTC Can Now Pierce The Corporate Veil And Seize Assets Of Officers Even Before A Violation Has Been Proven In Court”  

One of the new ones is now, the FCC has the ability to go directly after offices of a corporation personally for things that company is doing online. They can pierce the corporate veil like a bullet through wet tissue paper and not only freeze the assets of the corporation, but freeze those of the officers as well. And this is before you get your chance to explain your side of the story in court. They can basically put you out of business until you prove your innocence. In the mean time think about how long you and your company can operate with all of your bank accounts frozen and your website closed down?

And this is just for violating a commonly used online advertising practice that most people may not realize they are violating.

Scare you yet? Good, because it scared me too.

Now the good news is that you can avoid these nightmares by knowing the rules of the road.

In the interview with Chip we touch on many of the new laws and regulations that the vast majority of businesses need to know about and that you can use to help avoid getting nailed.

While we can’t cover everything, we do cover many of the big new compliance regulations that every business that has a website and is doing business with any US citizen or company should know about.

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